Print at home’ ticket fees ruled illegal in Germany

October 2016

Live events sector


A German court has delivered a preliminary ruling that fees for ‘print at home’ tickets should not be allowed, in a case brought against ticketing firm CTS Eventim by consumer rights group Verbraucherzentrale NRW.
In their press release, Verbraucherzentrale NRW said that the ruling, could pave the way for similar action against other ticketing agencies which charge similar fees. The court said that if a fee was charged, then the provider was contractually bound to send out actual tickets. CTS Eventim charged customers a €2.50 fee for printing tickets at home through their “print @ home” and “ticketdirect” options. The decision is not (as yet) legally binding,
The district court of Bermen found that services charges on self-printed tickets, better known here as print-at-home tickets, are “inadmissible,” or unzulässig in German and that CTS Eventim cannot charge such fees to their customers. The court ruled that the company can only charge ticket fees on “postage costs.”
CTS Eventim has told IQ that it intends to appeal the ruling, which has yet to be reatifed by the higher court.

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