Rock am Ring organisers cleared of blame for extreme weather evacuation

November 2016

Live events sector


There will be no prosecution of the organisers of the storm-hit Rock Am Ring 2016. Following a anonymous complaint The Koblenz public prosecutor, investigated the safety procedures and emergency storm plan drawn up by festival promoters Marek and Andre Lieberberg/CTS Eventim and licensing authorities and found no evidence of negligence on either part.


At the International Festival Forum in an interview with both Marek and Andre Lieberberg, the promoting father and son due suggested that the authorities had compounded an already bad situation caused by the extreme weather by making unfounded decisions and putting concert goers at further risk.
The final day of Rock am Ring was called off by local authorities who revoked the licence after another lightning storm warning:  72 people were treated in hospital and some people had been injured by lightning, some seriously. In fact the last day was relatively free of bad weather, with just one heavy downpour as storms swept across Europe. In a statement, the festival asked fans to leave the site “no later than noon on Sunday” (the predicted storms were die by 13.00).


“The organisers accept the decision [of local officials] because of our responsibility for the welfare of fans,” the statement read. “We regret this exceptional decision, but we ask for your understanding in this emergency, which is a result of the storms.”
The Lieberbergs have offered a 40% refund to all 90,000 festivalgoers. Rock am Ring will return in 2017.

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