Buenos Aires EDM ban hits Kraftwerk

December 2016

Live events sector


Following the six fatalities that occurred as a result of drug overdoses at Time Warp back in April of this year, The Mayor of Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires stopped issuing permits for major electronic music festivals.  Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta  said the measure would remain in effect until the city legislature approved a new law to prevent drug abuse during such events. At the tine five people have been arrested.
But the ban, for electronic music concerts “that use synthesizers or samplers as their primary instrument” has led to a difficult situation for electronic group Kraftwerk: The German based band had a show scheduled on November 23rd at Luna Park in Buenos Aires. Event organisers, promoters Move Concerts, have said that they had already received the go-ahead to start selling tickets, 70% of which have already been sold, prior to receiving the news of the recent amendment.
Kraftwerk (“power plant” in German) began in 1970 by founders  Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider by experimenting with sampling and synthesising sounds and turning them into songs. They were among the first successful pop acts to popularise electronic music and are widely considered to be innovators and pioneers of the genre, releasing three albums in an experimental rock style before embracing electronic instrumentation, including synthesisers, drum machines, vocoders, and self-made instruments. The current lineup consists of Hütter, Schneider-Esleben, Klaus Roeder and Wolfgang Flür. Wikipedia says “Kraftwerk have exerted a lasting and profound influence across many genres of modern music, including synthpop, hip hop, ambient, post-punk, techno, and dance music, and have inspired a wide and diverse range of artists”.
The band and its managers are currently exploring options,. Associated Press report that Mayor Larreta has said that the city will continue to prohibit electronic music shows until the legislature passes a law to prevent drug abuse at festivals and increase education about the dangers affiliated with drug abuse, especially in combination with concert environments.




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