Digital Music News object to Jay-Z’s legal claims

January 2018

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Digital Music News are not happy with Jay-Z,  aka Sean Carter, or more specifically his lawyers, Cummings & Lockwood LLC, who they have said threatened them “with ridiculous legal claims” over coverage of poor ticket sales on “Jay-Z’s disastrous ‘4:44’ tour” which Digital Music News described as a “sinking tour”

The threats stemmed from an article DMN wrote about the availability of $6 tickets for a 4:44 show in Anaheim, CA, where DMN say they “discovered entire sections of unsold inventory across Anaheim and other upcoming tour dates” and that there was even a show cancelled in Fresno, CA “just days before showtime.”

The article prompted a letter from Cummings & Lockwood LLC  (which DMN have reproduced in full) which included the assertion that:

Both the headline and content of this article is false.  I am attaching a link for a billboard article which contains more accurate facts regarding 4:44 tour sales.


We demand that you correct your story both in tone and content immediately.  We trust that now that you have correct facts you will not allow your errors to continue.  As I am sure you are aware knowledge of a story being false is a key component of a defamation action.


Digital Music News then requested a more specific legal demand, but say then Cummings & Lockwood didn’t respond and now say that “Roughly three weeks after demanding editorial changes — or else — the esteemed attorneys at Cummings & Lockwood LLC have gone eerily quiet.”

To be fair, Billboard pointed out that the ‘dynamic pricing’ used on the tour was a very clever way of fighting back against touting (scalping) saying “JAY-Z tickets selling for $6 a pop on StubHub don’t reflect soft demand for his tour: they’re actually a sign that the hip-hop star has successfully priced ticket scalpers out of the game by charging market rates for the best seats in the house.”

We have asked Cummings & Lockwood for comment but have not as yet received a response.

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