Will Australia ban secondary ticketing?

March 2018

Live events sector


Following on from the introduction of tough anti-touting laws in the state of New South Wales last year, Australia’s federal government is considering a nationwide ban on the re-sale of tickets in some circumstances.


According to Australia’s Daily Telegraph, the country’s government is considering five possible options to legislate in the market for the resale of tickets. One of those options is to completely outlaw the re-selling of tickets by anyone other than primary outlets.


The government’s Assistant Minister to the Treasurer, Michael Sukkar, told the newspaper that the aim of any proposed legislation would be to benefit consumers, saying: “I expect consumers should always get a fair deal when purchasing tickets for events and to access all available tickets on the market. While we are still working to properly address these problems, Australians can be assured that we will do all that is necessary to protect them from any unfair or unscrupulous practices”.


In October last year, the New South Wales government passed an amendment to its Fair Trading Act, banning the selling of tickets at anything more than 10% of their face value. Substantial fines were put in place as a deterrent. 

In 2017 Australia’s Competition & Consumer Commission announced plans to take secondary ticketing site Viagogo to court over allegations that it had made false and/or misleading representations, and has engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct.

Back in 2011 Australia decided on a ‘light touch’ approach, but the secondary market (and consumer complaints) have substantially increased since then.




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