West wins payout in insurance battle

April 2018

Live events sector


Rapper Kanye West has settled his battle against Lloyd’s of London, which began when insurers refused to pay out West’s claim stemming from the cancellation of several dates on his 2016 Saint Pablo tour.  The Stour ran from August to November. West performed 41 shows in 87 days before the stoppage. In all, 22 dates were cancelled. West has not ventured back on the road since those cancelled dates.
According to TMZ, the insurer has agreed to pay most of what West was claiming. Initially, Lloyd’s had refused to make any payment on the grounds  that the mental health issues which West suffered had stemmed from his drug use, which would have voided the policy. West’s touring company Very Good Touring sued Lloyd’s for $9.8 million (plus interest) and Lloyd’s had originally counter-sued.

West was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital in November of 2016 following a series of “bizarre incidents” including feuding with Beyonce and Jay-Z, telling a San Jose, California crowd that he would have voted for then President-elect Trump if he had voted, and stopping a show after two songs and 30 minutes in Sacramento. A source told NBC news at the time that police responded to a “medical welfare” call and decided to have West hospitalised for his own health and safety. Remaining dates on the Saint Pablo tour were cancelled by promoter Live Nation.

The Foo Fighters also settled their claim against insurance underwriters and their insurance brokers after claims were made in 2015 and in the wake of cancellations which resulted from frontman Dave Ghrol breaking his leg onstage, and in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks.




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