Sugarbabes’ Trade Mark dispute

September 2011


Mutya Buena’s 2009 application for the ‘Sugarbabes’ European Community Trade Mark, which had been opposed by  the current incarnation of the band and their label Universal, appears to have been successful but the former member only appears to have succeeded in achieving registration of the name for only one class – Class 16 for paper products and stationery’. In a statement the current band’s label  said “”Further to ongoing media speculation and mis-reporting of the facts by various sources, we would like to clarify the following. Over four months ago (21 Apr 2011) it was officially confirmed by the European Trade Marks Department [OHIM] that Sugababes were successful in claiming their ongoing right to use the name ‘Sugababes’ for all areas of commercial activity that the band requires, namely within the music, sound recording and entertainment industry, as well as being granted extensive rights to produce a wide range of merchandise” adding “The Trade Mark rights for Class 16 (excluding those items which are already covered by Sugababes merchandise, eg posters, stickers, etc.) include certain paper and cardboard goods, such as stationery, paper gift wrap and paper gift wrapping ribbons. This is a category that currently holds no commercial interest for the band and, accordingly, the band has no immediate plans to challenge Ms Buena for these rights”.

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