There is an interesting entry on the UK’s Intellectual Property Office’s list of those ‘named and shamed’ for failing to pay the costs of failed Trade Mark oppositions – and it is this and concerns the mark ‘Lioness Films’ and Van Morrison

Opp 100284 £400 2 November 2010 George Ivan Morrison trading as Van Morrison 26 July 2011

Van has had a mixed bag of results in court over the last few years: Most recently there have been some ups and downs in litigation recently concerning his own, long term partner Michelle Rocca’s and his family’s privacy and also a high profile story concerning an alleged illegitimate child born outside of his relationship with Rocca, as well as repeated disputes with neighbours: a now settled sex discrimination case was brought against him by singer Linda Gail Lewis, sister of Jerrry Lee Lewis, although Van won a libel action against the Sunday Independent over the same story: and pub landlord Gary Marlow won £20,000 damages and the return of the £20,000  fee after Van Morrison cancelled a 2002 pub concert after the singer claimed that the publican had breached the terms of a ‘secrecy’ provision. Mr Justice Cresswell disagreed. and see Music Law Updates February 2010 and December 2003.