Bucks Fizz row bubbles over

August 2011


Moves by the ‘Original Bucks Fizz’ (which contains three original members of the Eurovision winning British quartet) to register their name as a Trade Mark has prompted a legal row after the fourth member, Bobby G, who owns the Trade Mark to the name ‘Bucks Fizz’ objected to the registration.
The UK’s Intellectual Property Office has said it will take up to six weeks to decide the issue.

Bobby G, real name Robert Gubby, one of the four original member of the band, has been touring as Bucks Fizz for many years and his wife owns the Bucks Fizz trademark which was registered in 1997 during a previous legal battle over the name which included a spat with former member Mike Nolan and Dollar frontman David Van Day. Van Day at one point tried to tour a ‘Bucks Fizz’ without any original members.

In 2004 Nolan teamed up with one of the original Bucks Fizz female vocalists, Cheryl Baker, for one of the 80s nostalgia ‘Here & Now’ tours and they also recruited Shelley Preston for the tour who whilst not an original member, had performed with the band in the 1980s. Gubby, although still regularly performing as Bucks Fizz with an alternative line-up, joined the bill for some ‘Here & Now’ dates. This new incarnation was called “The Original Bucks Fizz” to avoid confusion with Gubby’s concurrent group. When Preston became unavailable in 2009, Nolan and Baker persuaded the group’s original fourth member, Jay Aston, to return, so the Original Bucks Fizz now had three out of four original members – but no Trade Mark. When the trio tried to register “The Original Bucks Fizz” as a mark, Gubby, as the owner of the “Bucks Fizz” trademark, moved to block his former bandmates’ trademark application. Nolan, Baker and Aston responded by filing an objection to Gubby’s continued use of the Bucks Fizz name. The IPO heard arguments for both sides last week, and said they will now give the case consideration before making a decision in five to six weeks time.

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