CNET faces limited Limewire actions from David

July 2011


Wired reports that a copyright infringement lawsuit targeting CNET Networks for its distribution of LimeWire file-sharing software service now accuses the company of infringing just six works in total. CNET was sued for distributing some 220 million copies of LimeWire via its software distribution service, and profiting from advertising against the downloads. The lawsuit filed last month by rappers and filmmaker Alkiviades David accuses CBS Interactive, CNET’s publisher, of illicitly profiting from piracy by distributing 220 million copies of LimeWire over CNET’s site since 2008, accounting for 95 percent off all LimeWire downloads. The plaintiffs allege CNET’s distribution of LimeWire resulted in the unauthorized distribution of the 2007 movie “Fishtales,” as well as five hip-hop musical tracks associated with the Plaintiff. If CNET — and parent company CBS — are found guilty in the matter, damages could reach  a maximum $150,000 in damages per work ($900,000) in statutory copyright damages, or more if multiple infringements per work are proven. Alki David also runs online TV-on-demand service

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