Publishing chief calls for improved licensing

July 2011

Internet, music publishing

Billboard reports that David Israelite,CEO of the US National Music Publishers Association has called on his sector to endorse more collective licensing in the digital domain, especially for so called mechanical rights and for synchornisation rights. Israelite, speaking at the MPA’s AGM said that mechanical and some sync rights should be licensed collectively in the US  just like performance rights generally are via BMI, ASCAP and SESAC – to ensure promising new digital music services can get to market telling members: “If you look at the challenges of the industry, the way we license doesn’t work: it is broken”. New start ups continually point to the massive amount of work involved in legally licensing music content and many say that it allows other illegal services to flourish. But the  issue of digital licensing still contentious in the music business, with some supporting the introduction of collective licensing – via societies and licensing agencies – across the board for both recording and publishing rights, while others feel rights owners should retain the right to negotiate their own terms with digital services, including advances and other upfront incentives.

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