The Doors close on Lizard Bar

July 2011


A French bar called the Lezard King bar, a play on Jim Morrison’s nickname of the ’Lizard King’, and which is situated close to the Pere Lachaise cemetery where the Doors frontman is buried in Paris, is on the receiving end of a letter from the band’s lawyers who have objected to the bar, its name and its association with Morrison and the Doors.  The letter said that the bar, which features cocktails with names based on the band’s hits such as Light My Fire, Waiting for the Sun  and Strange Days,  had no right to use the band’s name or photographs of the Doors in connection with the sale of alcohol and said that the band did not want to be seen as endorsing the bar or the sale of alcohol.  Jeff Jampol, the bands manager reportedly said “there is a difference between a homage to Jim being created by a fan, and a business owner”.

The Times  10th June 2011

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