Getting paid for being played

COPYRIGHT Record Labels, Music Publishing, Live Events Industry   Its easy getting played – but its often more difficult getting paid. In Vietnam 40 composers and members of the Ha Noi Musicians’ Association have signed a letter petitioning management agencies for tighter regulation on copyright payments and permission for live performances at a recent meeting. The meeting was organised by the Viet Nam Copyright Protection Music Centre (VCPMC) in response to recent cases which they say have revealed the inefficiency of agencies authorised to give permission for live performances. In the last year, the centre says that only one-tenth of the total number of music performances throughout the country have been collected. At the meeting, participants blamed the agency authorised to monitor and distribute payments, the Performing Arts Department in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, for granting performance organisers permission without demanding copyright payment for composers. In the UK a Bristol nightclub has been banned from playing recorded music after Mrs Justice Proudman banned owners Norcrown Ltd from playing any more recorded music at the club until the company brings its music licences up to date. The order was imposed after the judge heard that the company was…

Updates from the Electronic Frontiers Foundation on global broadcasting issues
Regulation / January 2012

BROADCASTING REGULATION Broadcasting The EFF reports that the Indian Telecommunications Minister has met with top officials of Internet companies and social media sites, including the Indian units of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, to try to compel them to filter offensive content. The New York Times reported that Minister Kapil Sibal met with executives to ask the companies to create internal mechanisms that would prevent any comments the state deemed “disparaging, inflammatory or defamatory” towards political and religious figures. A Belgian Internet watchdog group (NURPA) has reported that one of the three major mobile Internet providers in Belgium, Base, voluntarily started blocking access to the Pirate Bay. This block comes after a case initiated by the Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation, in which an Antwerp Court of Appeals ordered two major fixed broadband providers to block access to the Pirate Bay at the DNS level. EFF also reports from Thailand, which declared at the start of December that Facebook users “liking” or sharing content offensive to the Thai throne could be sentenced up to 15 years in prison; Joe Gordon, an American-Thai who translated a banned biography of Thailand’s king and posted the content online while living in Colorado was sentenced to…

First Vietnamese copyright licence for music since Berne Convention became effective

COPYRIGHT Music Publishers, Record Labels, Artists Singer My Tam has become the first Vietnamese singer to purchase recording and performing rights to an international song since the Berne Convention took effect in VietNam in October 2005. Cancao Do Mar, a Spanish pop song performed by singer Sarah Brightman, and Japanese ballad My Lover are two new singles that will appear on My Tam’s Album Vol 4, to be released next month. See: