Slovakia introduces domestic music quotas for radio
Legislation / July 2015

BROADCASTING REGULATION Broadcasting     In Slovakia, private radio stations will have to broadcast at least 20 percent Slovak music starting next year, and at least 25 percent since 2017, as the result of an amendment to the law on broadcasting and re-transmission approved by the Slovak government May 27. The public Slovak Radio will have to give at least 30 percent of local music on the air in 2016 and at least 35 percent as of 2017, on each of its broadcast zones. One-fifth of that should be songs from the past five years.  Only songs played between 6.00 and 24:00 will be included in the quotas. A song or composition can be considered Slovak if at least one of the authors (writer, composer) or performer has, or had permanent residence in Slovakia

EU launch consultation on the creative industries
Legislation / May 2010

LEGISLATION All areas The European Commission is launching a public consultation on the future of “cultural and creative industries”. The Green Paper “Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries” is open to individual citizens and organisations and in particular national, regional or local authorities, the European institutions and associations from the cultural and creative industries. The period for consultation Is from 27th April to 30th July 2010 and the objective is to gather views on various issues impacting the cultural and creative industries in Europe, from business environment to the need to open up a common European space for culture, from capacity building to skills development and promotion of European creators on the world stage. The responses to the consultation will inform the Commission and help it ensure that EU programmes and policies involving cultural and creative industries are “fit for purpose”.

The European Live Music Forum Launches at ILMC
Legislation , Live Events / April 2005

LEGISLATION Live Music Industry The European Live Music Forum (ELMF), first announced at the Noorderslag Seminar in Holland had its foundation meeting in London at the seventeenth International Live Music Conference in London on the 10th March 2005. The ELMF, currently was proposed by eight associations including Europe wide festival association Yourope, The Concert Promoters Association (CPA), the Agents Association, Network Europe and the International Music Managers Forum (IMMF) will try and identify issues, themes and objectives and formulate a constitution over the next few months but will hope to make a preliminary announcement at the ILMC. An invitation has been extended to all national and Europe wide live music, festival and cultural events to be involved with the ELMF. More groups and associations have been invited to join to give the Forum broad based European wide industry support. See:

Legislation / April 2003

BROADCASTING Television, Radio The UK’s draft Communications Bill has now reached the House of Lords where peers are expected to table amendments to many of the provisions. The Bill is a massive piece of legislation reforming the regulation of telecommunications, broadcast television, radio and the newspapers. The Bill will also reform rules of ownership of the media as well as providing for a new regulatory infrastructure under the auspices of the ‘super-regulator’ – OFCOM. The Bill includes several controversial proposals including plans to open up ITV1 to foreign owners, allowing Independent Television News (ITN) to be owned by a single entity and provisions to regulate the BBC. The Bill also needs to include revisions to embrace four new EC directives for the telecommunications industry. See