StubHub guilty of violating anti-scalping laws

April 2011

Live events industry report that StubHub has been found to be in violation of North Carolina’s former anti-scalping laws for its part in the 2007 sale of high-priced Hannah Montana tickets by a reseller on the company’s exchange Judge Ben Tennille ruled that StubHub and Massachusetts reseller Jason Holohan violated the laws when Holohan sold four Hannah Montana tickets to parents Jeffrey and Lisa Hill for a total of $596, plus $59.60 in service fees and $11.95 in shipping costs

Elsewhere in ticket news, Connecticut General Assembly General Law Committee have overwhelmingly approved a proposed bill designed to help consumers by preserving the secondary ticket market and giving buyers the option of purchasing transferable paperless or traditional hard copy tickets. The move comes hot on the heels of similar moves in Minnesota and North Carolina to regulate paperless tickets to protect consumers and the secondary ticket market. Like the other states, North Carolina is looking to formalise assurances that ticket issuers will not use a restrictive form of paperless tickets that are difficult or impossible to transfer.

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