Love’s Twitter rant costs her $430,000

April 2011

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Fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir claim against Courtney Love over the Loves’s libellous rantings on Twitter has been settled out of court. Simorangkir sued Love over a series of tweets posted in 2009 in which the singer called the designer an “asswipe nasty lying hosebag thief” after the pair fell out over a $4000 clothing bill.  Love had said her comments were merely opinions and not intended as statements of fact, while also arguing there was no tangible proof that the tweets had caused Simorangkir any actual financial loss. The case was due to go to ourt in January but the hearing was postponed after out of court negotiations began. A settlement was reached with Love agreeing to pay Simorangkir $430,000 in damages over the next three years.  Love’s attorney James Janowitz told The Reporter he was also pleased with the deal, adding that Simorangkir had originally asked for substantially more in damages, and that the final figure agreed gave her team “bragging rights” but nothing else. Asked whether his client would be using Twitter in the future, Janowitz said: “I don’t think she’s using it any more. But I could be wrong”.

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