Judge Limits Potential LimeWire Copyright Payout to $1.5 Billion

April 2011

Record labels, music publishing, internet  

Following on from the settlement between LimeWire and US music publishers in the USA, In New York federal District Judge Kimba Wood has now limited the potential copyright infringement damages that the now shuttered file-sharing service could have to pay record labels to $1.5 billion. Judge Kimba Wood sided with LimeWire, which had argued that the damages should be based on an ‘single’ infringement for each sound recording shared on the service – rather than on the number of times the work had been illegally downloaded or shared by each LimeWire user. LimeWire could face statutory damages of between $7.5 million and $1.5 billion; US copyright law provides for statutory damages of between $750 and $150,000 for copyright infringement.

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