Jackson clan face cancellation claim from 1990 tour

August 2010

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A new lawsuit, specifically targeting Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson, is being brought by a South Korean newspaper called The Segye Times in relation to a Jackson family tour that never happened back in the early nineties. The Segye Times is owned by the Unification Church, often referred to as the ‘Moonies’ after the church’s founder, Sun Myung Moon.

It seems that in 1990 the Church had the idea of putting the whole Jackson family back on tour for the first time since 1984, and used their Korean media firm to negotiate a deal. The original plan involved Michael Jackson, though he never actually agreed to take part. Because of this refusal the whole project collapsed, but not before the Church, via their media firm, had paid out considerable advances which they claim $5.5 million, to Katherine, Joe and Jermaine Jackson. Michael Jackson settled a specific litigation against him in 1992, but the rest of the family failed to negotiate a deal so the whole dispute went to court in 1994. According to reports in the US, Katherine and Joe Jackson ignored the litigation, and therefore a judgement was made against them to the tune of $4 million. When they failed to pay up, the Church made moves to seize the Jackson parent’s home. At that point the couple did respond, in that they transferred ownership of their property to Michael, thus putting it out of the reach of the bailiff. Why the long wait until now? It seems that because the Jackson family’s finances have been in such a state of disarray, the Church saw no reason to progress the case. But the huge revenues generated since Michael’s death, and with Katherine Jackson a key beneficiary of the Michael Jackson estate, the Church are back for their cash. They have filed legal papers requesting that any pay out from the Jackson estate to Mrs Jackson should come to them to make good the 1994 court judgement in their favour – and with sixteen years of interest the Church say they are now owed $13 million rather than the $4 million they were awarded back then. The Jackson clan is yet to respond to the new legal claim by The Segye Times.
CMU 29 June 2010  www.thecmuwebsite.com

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