Festival exclusivity clauses attracts the attention of the Illinois Attorney General

July 2010

Artists, live events industry

According to a Chicago-based blogger called Jim Derogatis, US promoters C3 Presents are being investigated by the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan who is looking at the limitations C3 puts on artists when they are booked to play the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago – the so called ‘radius clauses’ – preventing bands playing in the locality for a period of time before and after the event. With the potential of an anti-trust action looming, a VP of the William Morris booking agency has been subpoenaed to provide information to the investigation, while Billboard says C3 themselves have also received a subpoena. Derogatis says that promoters in the Chicago area have long complained about the radius clauses C3 put into Lollapalooza artist contracts, although Billboard adds that many artists break those clauses and that the festival promoter seemingly has never been known to enforce them.

CMU 25 June 2010  www.thecmuwebsite.com  

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