German Court clears Rammstein cover artwork and lyrics

July 2010


The original version of Rammstein album ‘Love Is For All’, or ‘Liebe Ist Für Alle Da’ can now be legally put on sale in Germany after a court disagreed with the Federal Office For The Examination Of Media Harmful To Young People which had prevented the album from being put on public display in German record shops last year, mainly because of the long player’s depictions of sado-masochism. Concern was also expressed regarding the explicit nature of some of the artwork and over the song ‘I Want To Hurt You’, which, as well as its S&M overtones, was deemed to promote unprotected sex. The ban also stopped label Universal advertising the record in Germany and record shops from selling it to anyone under eighteen. The major label responded by releasing an alternative version of the long player with the offending content cut.  Universal also contested the ban in court and now the administrative court in Cologne has overturned it, meaning the original uncut version of the album can now be put back on display in record shops, be sold to minors, and be advertised by the label. According to Billboard, the court ruled that the song ‘I Want To Hurt You’ does not contain detailed or real description of violence, rather only “a surrealistic hint at violence” and said the regulating Federal Office failed to explain why the description of sado-masochism in songs could be harmful for the sexual development of young people. CMU Daily 16 June 2010

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