Club doormen convicted of manslaughter

June 2010

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A Shropshire doorman accused of the manslaughter of a county father-of-four today told a jury he had acted properly when he restrained the man at a nightclub. Daryl Brown told the jury at Birmingham Crown Court today he had been a doorman for six years and on the night in question he had only tried to restrain 41-year-old Darren Griffiths to stop him acting aggressively. Brown, 33, denied the manslaughter of Mr Griffiths, who died following an incident at the Liquid & Diva nightclub on June 29, last year. Brown told the jury he had “acted properly” on the night when he restrained Mr Griffiths, from Harmer Hill, near Shrewsbury, along with other door staff including Neil Stokes. Brown said: “I didn’t realise how seriously injured he was.” Mr Paul Farrer, prosecuting, said: “Mr Griffiths had turned blue in colour from the neck up and despite you tending to him for eight minutes you claim you didn’t see the colour of his face. “This man was unconscious for at least eight minutes. Are you really maintaining you didn’t really know how seriously injured Mr Griffiths was?” But Brown said he was not aware how seriously injured Mr Griffiths was. Brown told the jury Mr Griffiths had been refused entry to the club because he was “too intoxicated”. However Mr Griffiths insisted on being let in and Brown added that at one point the situation turned aggressive. He said Mr Griffiths “walked over with his fists clenched and I then joined the scene and went to try and restrain Mr Griffiths by getting my hand around his arm and taking it around his back”. Neil Stokes, 23, who had admitted manslaughter, was jailed for six years at Birmingham Crown Court. Brown was found guilty of manslaughter, and was jailed for four and a half years.  Mr Justice Kenneth Parker described the attack as “brutal and vicious” and said Stokes had used wholly disproportionate force and Stoke’s intention had been to carry out a punishment beating, although accepted Brown had not hit the victim.  / Shropshire Star

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