Ozzy sues for a share of Sabbath, Keisha sues to block new babes

April 2010


Ozzy Osbourne is taking former bandmate Tommy Iommi to court over the rights to the Black Sabbath name. Iommi filed for sole ownership of the mark in the US last year and Iommi alleges that Ozzy Osbourne waived his rights to the band’s moniker when he left the band in 1979, which Ozzy counters by saying that he enhanced the band’s ‘quality control’ when he rejoined Sabbath in 1997. In the pop world, Keisha Buchanan is to commence legal proceedings against the girl group she founded, the Sugarbabes, seeking to prevent the current line-up using the name. The word SUGARABES has not yet been secured as a European Community Trade Mark, but an application to register it as a CTM was published just three weeks ago, the applicant being Keisha’s erstwhile colleague, and co-founder-member Mutya Buena. The HolyMoly website seemed to think that all three original members – Mutya, Keisha and Siobahn Donaghy are planning to reform and wish to stop the current line up, which features no original members, using the name.

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