Black Eyed Peas face Boom Boom bust

March 2010

Music publishing

The Black Eyed Peas have been accused of plagiarism by rapper Phoenix Phenom who along with songwriter Manfred Mohr, have launched a lawsuit claiming that the Black Eyed Pea’s  track ‘Boom Boom Pow’ is “virtually identical” to their song ‘Boom Dynamite’ which they say they had already submitted to the Pea’s Interscope label. Artists in the USA are increasingly facing claims both of unlicensed sampling and all out plagiarism – Britney Spears faced a succession of claims and recently Coldplay faced a claim from Joe Satriani over alleged plagiarism in Vida la Vida. You can view Boom Dynamite here: – and make up your own mind. Me, I think it could be an interesting case!

The White Stripes have a gripe too …The musician who wrote the music for that US Air Force advert, aired during the US football Superbowl, has issued an apology to The White Stripes after the duo complained that it sounded very similar to their song ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’. Songwriter Kem Kraft says the similarity is entirely unintentional.  From the CMU Daily 29th January 2010 and see the CMU news Blog at

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