Lambert’s kiss prompts religious fury in the USA

January 2010


Adam Lambert’s gay kiss and sexually charged performance at the American Music Awards continues to have repercussions in the USA with ABC cancelling Lambert’s upcoming appearance on the late night show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and removing him from the potential roster of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve performers. The Liberty Counsel, a not for profit public interest law firm closely tied to the late Revered Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in Virginia which provides legal assistance in defense of what it calls “Christian religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and the traditional family” has now filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission over Lambert’s controversial performance at the AMAs, calling on the FCC to fine ABC for “airing such an outrageously lewd and filthy performance during a show and time period that is targeted for family audiences”. Executives at ABC, which had earlier canceled Lambert’s scheduled appearance on “Good Morning America,” have declined to discuss the reasons behind the cancellations. Lambert, the popular and openly gay “American Idol” runner-up, has said on his Twitter site that the network is responding to “FCC heat”. ABC said that it received about 1,500 complaints from viewers about Lambert’s seemingly unrehearsed sexually suggestive performance, which featured the singer kissing another man, Lambert fans have in turn complained about ABC’s decision to cancel “GMA” and the Kimmel

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