ISPs given safe harbour in Norway

December 2009


The At Last the 1709 Copyright Blog reports a 6th of November decision by a Norwegian District Court which concluded that there were no grounds for ordering internet service supplier Telenor to block internet access to The Pirate Bay. The case did not concern the question of whether customers of Telenor infringed copyright by using The Pirate Bay, but whether Telenor, by granting access to The Pirate Bay, committed an illegal act. The Asker og Bærum District Court concluded that Telenor did not unlawfully contribute to copyright infringements that take place by its customers’ use of The Pirate Bay. Accordingly, the court held that that there was no legal basis for ordering Telenor to block access to the website. Telenor has repeatedly emphasized that it does not support infringements that take place through use of The Pirate Bay and says that it co-operates closely with rights holders by establishing solutions for legal downloads and streaming of content. In its assessment, the court emphasised the unfortunate consequences of imposing blocking obligations on internet service providers. The decision is not yet legally in force and the music and film industry are considering appealing against the decision.
From At last the 1709 Copyright Blog   12th November 2009

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