Rammstien album cover deemed harmful to minors

December 2009

Recorded music

The artwork for the new album from German band Rammstein has been banned from public display in their home country after a Federal media regulator ruled that depictions of sado-masochism were harmful to children and young people. The Deputy President of the Federal Office also said that one track on the album in particular, ‘Ich Tue Dir Weh’ (or ‘I Want To Hurt You’) caused concern, possibly as a result of the line “Bites, kicks, heavy blows, nails, pincers, blunt saws – tell me what you want” and the regulator was also concerned about artwork showing guitarist Richard Kruspe with a masked naked woman on his knees. Another track, single release ‘Pussy’, was also criticised for glorifying unprotected sex (and Rammstein members are seen having full on sex in the video to ‘Pussy’, although a spokesman for the rockers insists doubles were used for the explicit scenes). As a result of the ruling no shops will be able to display the album in any place where it might be seen by anyone under eighteen and German retailers were given 24 hours to comply with the notice. Universal Music Germany has announced it will release a new version of Rammstein’s new album ‘Liebe Ist Für Alle Da’ minus the ‘harmful’ material which includes the removal of the track ‘Ich Tue Dir Weh’ and the photos featuring guitarist Richard Kruspe with a masked naked woman on his knees. The band’s keyboard player Christian Lorenz said it was “petty misunderstanding of art and a massive interference with civil rights” …. as well as a massive publicity boost of course.
From the CMU Daily 10th and 12th November 2009 www.Thecmuwebsite.com

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