Britney’s alleged lip synching prompts political debate

December 2009

Live events industry

It all started when Britney Spears was alleged to have mimed on her recent fourteen date tour of Australia and now the great lip syncing debate continues and has clawed its way up the political agenda with the country’s Musicians Union stepping in and backing an Australian politician’s call for promoters to make it clear when artists are going to mime on their marketing literature. The Fair Trading Minister of New South Wales, Virginia Judge, got the ball rolling by saying her state government was considering new rules to force promoters to tell ticket buyers if artists would not be singing live at events, either on promotional literature or printed tickets. The story gained momentum when some Australian media reported that fans had walked out of Spears’ first gig in the country in protest at all the miming and whilst the reports of fans leaving have strongly denied, Indeed the promoters of Spears’ dates said that the singer makes no secret of the fact she mimes and that fans understand this is because of the lengthy energetic dance routines which add to the overall entertainment experience. The Musicians Union of Australia says that it backs Judge in her call for more transparency from artists as to whether they will be singing live. The Union’s federal secretary, Terry Noone, told ABC News that he didn’t have a problem with Britney miming, but that he agreed show publicity should clearly state that would be the case.

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