Ozzy looks for a share of the Sabbath mark

July 2009


The IPKat reports that 60 year old Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne  is suing the band’s guitarist Tony Iommi over royalty payments. Osborne alleges that Iommi has falsely claimed entitlement to the sole rights to the band’s name, thus losing him royalties from merchandise sales. An unspecified sum is sought by way of damages and lost profits, as well as a declaration is a half-owner of the trade mark.  Iommi, who registered the Black Sabbath trade mark in the US in 2000, denies liability and says Osbourne legally relinquished rights to the band’s name in the 1980s. Osbourne is reported as saying he believed all four original members of the band should share Black Sabbath’s name equally. His lawyer adds that even if he did agree to relinquish his rights, he took a major role in the band’s direction and success after rejoining it in 1997. The IPKat promises to keep an eye on this action, the latest an a long line of disputes between elderly band members who have metamorphosed from rock icons into cultural antiquities
The trade mark can be seen here http://www.ipo.gov.uk/ohim?ohimnum=E3727369

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