Winehouse the latest celeb to get pap injunction

June 2009


Amy Winehouse has joined Lily Allen in getting an injunction to stop paparazzi from following her. The legal ruling specifically targets photographers affiliated to the London-based Big Pictures agency, though it also mentions “persons unknown” to include other photographers who frequent her private residence hoping to get a valuable photograph of the singer. The ruling means any photographer who stalks the singer or snaps pictures within 100 metres of her London home would breach the injunction and face court action. Sienna Miller had previously Big Pictures for harassment and invasion of privacy and won £53,000 in damages and costs and part of the court order forbade the agency’s photographers from pursuing the star. But the temptation remains for the paparazzi with the occasional headline grabbing shot raking in excess of £250,000 for the lucky photographer in an increasingly competitive pack of both professional and amateur snappers.

From the Guardian 4th May 2009 Have celebrities finally snapped?

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