Wiltshire police finally ban all music

May 2009

All areas

Wiltshire’s police managed to engineer the cancellation of Moonfest last year but now police officers in Wiltshire have been told by their Chief Constable that they cannot listen to music played publicly from radios, televisions, websites and MP3 players following a demand for payment of £23,000 from the Performing Rights Society.  The PRS licence is required for all uses of music in all the Wiltshire force’s police stations, offices, canteens and communal staff areas such as gyms and the PRS said the demand is in line with the rate agreed with the Association of Chief Police Officers and that the majority of police forces in the UK had agreed to licence music. However, Wiltshire Police said the “playing of music by any means across the force” would “cease forthwith” and that the licence fee money would be better spent on policing, and added that it was forced to impose the music ban “to avoid being liable to charges”.

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