EMI links with lotteries for digital prizes

May 2009

Record labels

The start of April heralded an interesting new move by record labels to find new ways to monsetize copyrights when  EMI announced that they had entered into a deal with a leading US based lottery company that will see musical prizes such as downloads, ringtones, merchandise and ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences added as prizes on scratch card based lottery promotions. The major’s partner is Pollard Banknote, which runs 45 lotteries around the world.  Confirming the partnership, Pollard Banknote’s Sina Aiello told reporters: “Lotteries all over the world will now have the ability to work with EMI Music’s entire digital roster of music from today’s stars and legendary artists as a marketing tool to create an emotional connection with fans in the coveted 18- to 35-year-old demographic. We are pleased to offer our customers a vast, new array of compelling instant prize and second chance draw options that will really resonate with music fans”. EMI Music Services’ Ronn Werre added: “Adding music as a prize element to a lottery program is an entirely new and exciting enterprise. This was the result of a great collaboration between Pollard Banknote – a very creative and innovative partner – and EMI’s Brand Partnership team, which is all about developing new ways to help brands connect with consumers through music. These exciting new music-oriented prizes will introduce a whole new group of fans to the digital music experience and help them discover EMI Music’s artists”.

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