Download case will be streamed live

February 2009


US District Judge Nancy Gretner has said that she will allow online video streaming of oral arguments in a civil lawsuit that pits a 23 year old Boston University graduate student accused of illegally downloading music files against the Recording Industry Association of America. However Judge Gertner’s in the federal court in Massachusetts restricted the streaming to a January 22nd hearing and said she will decide later whether to allow further online coverage. The defendant, Joel Tenebaum, is being represented by Charles Nesson, a Harvard University professor who had sought the online coverage. The RIAA oppose allowing cameras in the courtroom. Gertner said “In many ways, this case is about the so-called Internet Generation – the generation that has grown up with computer technology in general, and the internet in particular, as commonplace” adding “It is reportedly a generation that does not read newspapers or watch the evening news, but gets its information largely, if not almost exclusively, over the internet”. The decision is now subject to appeal by the RIAA and the hearing suspended.

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