FBI Interview Guns n Roses blogger

August 2008

Internet, record labels

The blogger who allegedly leaked nine tracks from the long awaited album from Guns ‘n’ Roses ‘Chinese Democracy’, has reportedly been interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the US. According to reports Kevin Skwerl was visited by two FBI agents yesterday and questioned about his source of the files, which were taken down almost as soon as they were posted after GNR issued a cease and desist order. But the take down was too late to stop some file swappers getting their hands on the tracks and digital files are already in circulation Skwerl is a former Universal Music employee and Guns N Roses were signed to Universal’s Geffen label. Speaking about the whole episode to Rolling Stone magazine, Skwerl stressed that GNR weren’t threatening when they got in touch to request the removal of the tracks off his website, and he adds that he’s hopeful he will avoid any further legal action regarding the leak – civil or criminal. He told the magazine: “A really cool guy from the GNR camp that was a middle man between someone who was very angry and me. He was trying to reach out and see if I’d go without a fight, which is more or less what I did. I’m not so worried about [legal action]. It’s a legal grey area since it wasn’t for download, it wasn’t a finished product. We aren’t sure who owns the recordings. I feel like I might survive this”. CMU Daily 25 June 2008www.cmumusicnetwork.co.uk

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