Drifters victory over former band members, tour, tour manager and agent

August 2008


The Treadwell family, who have owned the Drifters name since 1953, have succeeded in a High Court action against a group of former band members using the band’s name. The Treadwell family, who have legally controlled the Drifters since 1953, served a writ in December accusing four musicians, their former UK tour manager Philip Luderman and their former agent Mark Lundquist of “passing off” a UK group as the real thing and thus infringing the Drifters’ trademark. The action ended with a settlement but representatives of the band say that the legal victory confirms the ownership of the UK and European trademarks of The Drifters name, as well as removing the ambiguity surrounding the band’s identity. This court order prohibits former Luderman and Lundquist, plus four former employees, from using the Drifters name again and the settlement has been agreed over prior unauthorised use of the name. Tom Frederikse from Clintons solicitors, a regular contributor to this site who represented the Treadwells said “The Drifters’ history is as interesting as it is unique, but there is one theme that’s constant – the name Treadwell. This is a moral victory for the Treadwells and we are delighted that they have now reaffirmed their legal right to the family business, which they have run for 55 years.” The Treadwell managed Drifters are now on a UK Tour.




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