Ticketmaster win case against queue jump technology provider

August 2008

Live Events

Ticketmaster have won a case in the Los Angeles court against a technology company who they claimed had developed software which enabled ticket resellers to circumvent restrictions on their website in order to get priority and repeat access to in-demand tickets where the numbers of tickets offered per sale were limited. The ticketing giant claimed RMG Technologies’ software, sold mainly to ticket brokers and scalpers (touts), infringed their copyrights and interfered with their contractual relations with tour promoters. The court had already issued a temporary injunction stopping the distribution of RMG’s ticket acquiring technology, and last week’s court ruling means they will have to pay Ticketmaster the profits they made from it (about $18K), plus their legal costs. Welcoming the court ruling, Ticketmaster General Counsel Edward Weiss told reporters: “Consumers understand that there often simply are not enough tickets to meet demand, but RMG’s technology was used by some to unfairly cut to the front of the line. Ticketmaster will continue to fight for an equitable ticket distribution process”. Ticketmaster had already secured a preliminary injunction against RMG when U.S. District Court Judge Audrey Collins issued a preliminary order against RMG. The court order stemmed from a lawsuit brought against RMG by Ticketmaster in April 2007 before tickets for the 54-date Hannah Montana concert tour went on sale. Ticketmaster said that the RMG software enables digital scalpers to breach its Internet box-office system and electronically cut in line ahead of regular human customers to scoop up large numbers of tickets that can then be resold at highly inflated prices. The practice has come under investigation by the attorney generals of at least three states ( Missouri, Arkansas and Pennsylvania) who are looking into whether ticket resellers are violating state consumer protection laws. Judge Collins’ order barred RMG from “creating, trafficking in, facilitating the use of or using computer programs or other automatic devices to circumvent” the copy protection system on Ticketmaster’s Web site. It also prohibited RMG from using information gained from the Ticketmaster site to create computer programs designed to evade its copy protection and regulation systems.


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