Crue sue manager number two

July 2008


Motley Crue have issued legal proceedings against their former manager Burt Stein, and his companies B Entertainment and Gold Mountain Entertainment, alleging that he cost the band large sums of money by putting his own interests, and/or the interests of a specific band member who he also managed on an individual basis, ahead of the general interests of the group. The lawsuit, filed in the LA Superior Court on Wednesday is seeking both damages from Stein, and also court backing to their claim that Stein’s activities put him in breach of contract, thus rendering the manager/band agreement void and removing any obligations for the Crue to pay a cut of their income to him. This is seemingly a separate action to the dispute between the band and another former co-manager Carl Stubner, who was accused of damaging the band’s career and reputation, in the main by prioritising the career of Tommy Lee, who he had a separate individual management relationship with. The band and Stubner settled that dispute last month. Also from CMU Daily.

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