Hawthorne Heights agree to Victory album

July 2008

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US emo band Hawthorne Heights have agreed to drop their previously reported 2006 lawsuit against Victory Records and will release their new studio album through the US independent. Hawthorne Heights had sued Victory for breach of contract, copyright and trademark infringement, fraud and abuse. The label countersued claiming the band were simply trying to get out of their record deal so they could sign to EMI’s Virgin Records and subsequently sued Virgin, too, claiming that the major had paid the band an advance while they were still under contract and helped them to fight their legal battle.Tragedy struck last year when guitarist and vocalist Casey Calvert died suddenly of accidental ‘combined drug intoxication’ while the band were on tour. In a final chapter, last week, Victory Records announced that they will release Hawthorne Heights’ third studio album ‘Fragile Future’ on 5 August. Hawthorne Heights’ Drummer Eron Bucciarelli said “We now regret having begun the lawsuit we filed in 2006. We should not have listened to those, who, for whatever reasons, were then advising us to pursue this strategy. We are sorry for having put Victory Records and Tony Brummel through this ordeal, and regret any negative publicity that may have resulted. Unfortunately, we cannot change the past, but we’re now taking steps to heal the wounds and start fresh.

From the CMU Daily www.cmumusicnetwork.co.uk

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