UK collection society extends remit to commissioned music

July 2008

Film, TV

PPL, the London based collection society that that licences recorded music on behalf of over 6,750 UK and international record companies and over 47,000 performers around the world has said that it will extend its remit to commissioned film and TV music. PPL collects over £100 million in domestic and global broadcast/new media revenues and public performance income which is then distributed and paid to record company and performer members. PPL has now advised The producers Alliance for Cinema and TV (Pact) that they are also able to act on behalf of the owners of music that has been commissioned for e.g. television or film productions.  Such music must exist in a recorded form, but it does not have to be issued as a commercial release – indeed, the sound master can constitute a sound recording. This means that television and film producers who have commissioned music and who own the copyright in the sound master should consider registering the music with PPL.  This will enable PPL to licence others to use the recording and to pay royalties to the owner when the recording is used. For more information contact

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