Medianet repond to publisher’s lawsuit

March 2008

Music publishing, internet

Digital music provider MediaNet – formerly MusicNet – has hit out at the US’s National Music Publisher Association who have begun legal action against them. The NMPA have accused MediaNet of reneging on past commitments to pay publishing royalties – both ‘performing’ and ‘mechanical’ kind – on their on-demand and limited play download services. There is an ongoing dispute over what publishing royalties such MediaNet services should pay – especially with mechanical royalties – but the publishers argue that MediaNet have changed their position regarding paying some royalties for past services once an agreement is finally reached. MediaNet has denied any wrongdoing, and criticised the legal action arguing it is one of the few organisations that actually has a long history of working with music companies to properly licence digital music services, in a domain dominated by illegal unlicensed music operations. MediaNet provides the back-end to digital music services operated by a number of other brands and
From the CMU Daily

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