France backs term extension for sound recordings

March 2008

Record labels, artists

It seems that the show’s not over for an extension to the copyright term of sound recordings. According to an article in the Times, France is due to make the extension a priority of its upcoming six-month presidency of the EU, despite opposition from the UK and Germany. According to the French Culture Minister, Christine Albanel. “Today, whole swaths of the recording catalogue of the 1950s and 1960s, representing a significant part of the national pop heritage, are falling progressively into the public domain…That creates an obvious problem of fairness. Artists who began their careers very young are being stripped today of all remuneration from their first recordings.” The illustrious IPKat says it cannot quite share Ms Albanel’s indignation adding that “there aren’t many other industries where success in your youth guarantees you an income for life”. See more on this from the EC and Scotland below.

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