Good news for the labels as the UK follows France in looking to ISPs

March 2008

Record labels, internet

But whilst in Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland the record labels faced up to bad news in their ongoing battle against internet piracy and illegal downloading, in The United Kingdom the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) launched a green paper on the creative industries and one new suggestion was a “three strikes and you’re out law” to combat illegal downloads. Under the proposal, UK internet users will be monitored by their ISP’s for illegal downloads, and those caught will receive an e-mail warning in the first instance, internet suspension the second time, and then termination of their contract on the third strike. A similar law was proposed in France in November 2007 and Australian legislators are considering the idea too. In the UK, broadband firms which fail to enforce the rules could be prosecuted, and the details of customers suspected of making illegal downloads would be made available to the courts. I n Denmark, the Danish Courts have barred internet access to The Pirate Bay download site (although it seems the publicity has generated new traffic to the site). The organisers of the site are already facing criminal prosecution in Sweden (on both stories see below) and now legal actions from artists as diverse as Prince and the Village People.

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