DJ sentenced to 10 months in prison for illegal broadcasting

January 2008


A DJ running an illegal FM station has been jailed for a total of 20 months following a case pursued by broadcast regulator Ofcom and the Metropolitan police. Jason Weatherman, the DJ and station manager of Lightning FM, received a sentence of 10 months for illegal broadcasting offences under theĀ Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006. Weatherman, who ran the station from Tulse Hill in south London, received a further 10 months for other criminal offences including benefit fraud. In passing sentence at the Inner London Crown Court (Southwark) the judge referred to the dangerous nature of illegal broadcasting which runs the risk of interfering with the signal for emergency services such as the fire brigade and air traffic control as well as broadcasts by licensed radio stations. Ofcom estimates that there are around 90 illegal stations operating across the UK, with over half of these in London. Last year Ofcom undertook 1,085 operations against illegal broadcasters, and achieved 63 convictions .

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