New contract dispute for Hawthorne Heights

December 2007

Artists, record labels

Emo types Hawthorne Heights are facing another lawsuit while their ongoing and much previously reported legal dispute with Victory Records continues reports the excellent CMU Daily. The new legal run in is with Wild Justice Records who are suing for breach of verbal contract. They claim that in January they reached a verbal agreement to manage the band – and that the band agreed to pay a 16.5% commission on any revenues the company generated for them. That agreement, Wild Justice claim, was put into a written contract which was given to the band, who, they say, didn’t object to any clauses but who never returned a signed copy. However, Wild Justice began working in a management role nevertheless, and the company and the band operated under the terms of the agreement until May when the band changed their mind and, the plaintiffs argue, “improperly terminated” the arrangement.

The management firm are now seeking $138,000 in damages plus a percentage of revenue from booked concerts, merchandise sold during those concerts and a Mountain Dew sponsorship, as well as “fees” for band instruments acquired and an $800 loan to the band. The band are yet to comment. Hawthorne Heights have been in a long running dispute with Victory Records who claim the emo-ers breached their recording contract with the indie by
entering into a new relationship with Virgin US.

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