Football fans may face claim

November 2007


Disgruntled Sheffield Wednesday Football Club fans who vented their anger about club directors in acrimonious blogs may face defamation clams after the High Court ruled that the owner of a blog must reveal the identities of three fans who had made allegations of ‘greed, selfishness, untrustworthiness and dishonest behaviour’. Mere abuse or where the post was likely to be understood as a ‘joke’ was not enough and eight fans were allowed to retain their anonymity. In an earlier case in October a Sunderland property developer called John Finn admitted in court that he was the owner of a website which had criticised a rival firm, Gentoo on a website set up to campaign for father’s rights.

The Guardian 22 October 2007 & see Music Law Updates April 2006 Liability for ISPs: Bunt v Tilly & Others

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