Indian religious festival falls foul of Potter magic

November 2007

Film & TV

The Delhi High Court has partially dismissed a claim from Harry Potter author JK Rowling and film producers Warner Bros against organisers of a religious event who constructed a replica of the fictional Hogwarts School complete with a marble staircase and stone flagged hall, all lit with flaming torches.  The writer had brought a claim in copyright law seeking 2 million rupees (£25,000) in damages. The Scholl replica will be remain standing until the end of the festivities in what appears to be a common sense judgment. However the Court took a dim view over adverts featuring ‘Potteresque’ characters used to promote the event and banned the use of these by organisers of the Durga Pjua festivities in Calcutta. The festivities begin on October 16th and last for four days. Event organisers were told that any future use of any material from Harry Potter would need the permission of the author.


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