Does Diddy owe on a Biggie debt?

November 2007


Blimey, another rap suit. P Diddy is being sued by a former colleague who claims he is owed monies relating to a Notorious BIG recording from in 1994. The plaintiff is James Sabatino who previously worked as a consultant for Diddy’s Bad Boy, and who personally paid for Biggie, to fly to Miami to perform live and record songs back in 1994. Because he paid for the trip, Sabatino had a deal with Wallace that he would own the recordings made that day. Enter Diddy who allegedly agreed to buy the recordings in 1997 after Biggies untimely death in for $200,000 of which $25,000 was paid. Then Sabatino was declared to be “of interest” to LA police investigating Biggie’s murder and so Diddy promptly put his deal with Sabatino on ice. Since then Sabatino has since been cleared of any involvement in Biggie’s murder although he was jailed over a totally unrelated matter. And now he wants his $175,000 for those 1994 recordings.

CMU Daily 8 October 2007

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