Wu Tang Clan get Beatle’s ‘sample’

November 2007

Artists, sound recordings

The Wu Tang Clan have been given permission to sample a Beatles track having been given clearance to use the George Harrison composition ‘My Guitar Gently Weeps’ off the ‘White Album’ (famously illegally sampled on Dangermouse’s‘Grey Album’). However the band make it clear on their website that the use is a ‘replay’ – a re-recording and then INTERPOLATION of the classic George Harrison composition. Dhani Harrison, son of George, through his friendship with the RZA, played guitar on the song and he himself helped secure the reuse license of the song. The sample forms part of the Wu song ‘Gently Weeps’, off the rap collective’s new album, ‘8 Diagrams’. The Beatles, through Apple Corp, have been famously reluctant in granting any master tape licences for sound recordings by the Band.

CMU Daily 4 th October 2007 http://www.thebeatsbar.co.uk


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