eDonkey servers taken offline

October 2007

Internet, record labels

Legal steps by the record industry in France, Germany and the Netherlands have cut off more than one million users of the one of the largest P2P networks – no doubt to the huge annoyance if music fans. Seven servers on eDonkey were shut down this week after court injunctions in Germany. This follows on from similar eDonkey server closures in Netherlands and France. eDonkey is a peer-to-peer file sharing network widely used to swap copyright infringing music files.  The eDonkey network relies on servers for its effective operation and eDonkey servers are run by one or more individuals using software to enable users to find other users connected to the same server that have files the user wants to download. A series of legal actions by national groups of the International Federation of Phonographic Iindustries, representing the recording industry, have forced many eDonkey servers offline, significantly reducing the effectiveness and reach of the network.  In the last few weeks the number of eDonkey users worldwide has been reduced by more than a million, knocking an estimated third of users off the network.  Fresh actions will continue to target the remaining eDonkey servers. The new actions against servers are part of the recording industry’s multi-pronged strategy against illegal P2P file-sharing.  This includes continuing legal actions against tens of thousands of individual uploaders, including users of eDonkey, who face civil or criminal action depending on national law.  More than 50,000 actions worldwide have been announced to date.


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