Dutch close DVD pirate plant

October 2007

Film & TV

Officers from the Dutch Fiscal and Economic Police (FIOD-ECD) are dismantling a pirate disc factory after a raid.  The action in the city of Velddriel has led to the seizure of pirate discs and manufacturing equipment, as well as the arrest of the one suspect who was present. The raid followed a complaint by the Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN, who had been alerted to the problem by enforcement officers from IFPI, the body that represents the recording industry worldwide, who had monitored activity at the clandestine plant. Officials seized a DVD press set up to make pirate copies of films including Die Hard 4.0, Ocean’s ThirteenEvan Almighty and Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer.  The seized press had a capacity to manufacture 900 DVDs per hour.  Forensic examination by IFPI suggests this press comes from a legitimate DVD plant that had previously been declared bankrupt. Officers also discovered discs which formed part of an order for thousands of pirate CDs featuring a compilation of chart music.  Pirate discs from the plant have not been sold through legitimate channels, but by individuals in schools, workplaces, bars or on the street.  BREIN estimates that such organised piracy accounts for an estimated 10 per cent of the Netherlands’ physical piracy problem


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