Zimbabwe pirates avoid prosecution

October 2007

Record labels

Against a background of economic collapse and rampant piracy the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association has written to the Ministry of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs complaining about some Bulawayo public prosecutors who allegedly said they were unable to enforce the Copyright and Neighbouring Act. The Anti Piracy Organisation (APOZ) has also voiced concern over the way some courts were handling piracy cases in the country. In the letter dated July 30, 2007 to the Secretary for Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Mr David Mangota, the Music Rights Association said efforts in fighting piracy were being frustrated at all levels and was now praying for the ministry’s intervention in this regard. Citing 15 cases of suspected pirates who were arrested in Bulawayo in June and were released because the prosecutors allegedly said according to the new law, the music association had no mandate to represent musicians. In its statement to the International Federation of Phonographic Industries APOZ states that between January and June this year 13,842 pirated DVDs were seized. http://allafrica.com/stories/200709060192.html

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